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A touch is a move September 17, 2012

It is only the touch of God that can enable me to move and touch a friend.

 In Exodus 33: 15 we read that Moses said: “Lord if your presence does not go with us then do not send us up from here.”( NIV) I too like Moses, believe that without supernatural assistance and most particular providence it will be impossible for me to touch a life.

I have been thinking and praying about starting a blog. Right now it feels right; therefore it must be right. It gives me peace, peace within and I know that the only one who can truly give me peace does so through the power of the Holy Spirit. And His name is Jesus. “The peace that Christ gives you is to guide you in the decisions you make, for it is to this peace that God has called you together in one body. And be thankful” Col 3:15. Now being assured of His presence and His touch I know I can move and touch a life.

In a way I have always known that I am meant to write. I have had no formal training in writing and I know I will need to ratify that soon. Natural talent and interest needs to be sharpened by formal training to reach its maximum potential. Well, I may be wrong but that is what I believe.

I enjoy writing and the funny thing is I enjoy reading staff that I write, I am my own best reader. There was a time when I attempted keeping a journal of course I did not get very far with that. Surprisingly though  a year later when I came across my journal, I enjoyed reading the staff I had written, had it not been hand written I would have doubted that I was the writer.

I have also been encouraged by my friends to pursue this passion, they seem to enjoy the few lines that I scribble be it a speech at a friend’s party or a special tribute in honour of someone Special. Most recently words of encouragement came from my friend Kagiso who wanted to know if the number of tributes I had written were enough to make a collection. I wish I can tell you the answer was yes! But no! that wasn’t the case. So she suggested looking at the option of going audio and producing a CD. According to Kags, it is not only my writing she found interesting but my delivery of the material as well so ; ” Coming Soon” ,as they would write at the Movies. ”The voice of an African woman” and this is where I wink and then cross fingers.

One other clear and powerful voice of encouragement which still lingers in my mind came from Aunt Gugu’. She is my friend’s mom and we all call her mama. When I celebrated my 40th birthday I delivered a speech in which I re-lived my past years and thanked all that had been a part of my life’s journey. At the end of my speech Mama stood up and  in her powerful voice said” This is amazing, this is real good and it is a story that needs to be documented.” Of course I was inspired to do something about it but never got around to doing it. I just never knew how to get started.

Provision, willingness and Courage will get you started…

The biggest lesson I have learned from writing in general is that God gives the gift and if He is the one who is the giver…the receiver will also be equipped to use that gift. It takes willingness and it takes courage. It also takes being faithful even if you are the only one reading the words on the paper.”  Helen Washington April 2012


 God does indeed make a way.One afternoon as I was reading my Bible, I got onto the internet to check what the Message version of a verse I was reading said and somehow I ended on Helen’s blog. As I read her expository article on why she writes I was moved to tears. And I was moved to post as follows:

Sharon (Mothershaz) on April 20, 2012 at 10:14 pm said:

I am tearing as I read these words which are evidently from the heart. What you express resonates with what I feel is my calling. God has revealed to me what my role should be to those I come into contact with. That is uplifting them. Helping them find clarity in situations that they are going through.


My next step towards making my dream of writing a reality was an email I sent to Helen Washington. I told her how impressed I was about her work and I would like her to mentor me and advice me on how to get started. She responded immediately encouraged me and gave the following practical advice:

“The easiest thing to do is just jump in and give it a try. You can also keep your blog private for a bit and write several posts so you have some content before you share it publicly.”

So that is what I have been doing since April writing articles for my blog and sharing them with only my daughter Tina. Then recently I took a bold step and informed some ladies from church that my blog will be up and running on my birthday 20 September.


So today marks the beginning of a new venture. I will allow God to lead me and whisper in my ears.

I am willing to allow Him to touch me

Only his touch can make me whole.

His touch is love unconditional,

His touch is forgiveness absolute,

His touch is healing complete

His touch is prosperity in abundance,

His touch is hope in hopeless situations,

His touch is new found strength,

I believe that with God’s help my writing will be an instrument used by Him to touch but one person. Once that person has been touched they would move forward in new found strength and touch another.

So Touch….Lets Go……….A touch is a Move



Regards, till next time …..Be found in His presence

Sharon Tshabalala (aka Mothershaz)

Please keep in touch

‘As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another’ Proverbs 27:17


6 Responses to “A touch is a move”

  1. Lindiwe Nciki Says:

    Powerful, amazing and full of gods fire. Lindiwe Nciki

  2. Veronika Says:

    Well done I read the whole blog the Lord is surely in this .Veronika

  3. Helen Says:

    Hi Sharon,
    I so enjoyed reading your first ever blog post.
    Hooray for first steps!
    The first verse you shared has been coming up a lot lately in sermons and other teachings and readings lately.
    Such a truthful verse…I don’t want to be anywhere that the Lord’s presence is not.
    i will be excited to continuing reading your words given to you by Him.

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